Refund and Returns Policy


The management of the system requires a huge investment. We, therefore, do not offer any refunds.

If you are unable to sell your products on Facebook despite advertising them, do you demand a refund from Facebook? If you purchase a year’s worth of domain names and hosting but do not get around to using them, do you receive a refund from GoDaddy? If you establish a store on Shopify but do not include any products or run any ads, but continue the subscription for six weeks, will you get a refund from Shopify for the six-week subscription?

The same rules apply to UnlimitedSEOTools Services. We put up offers, allow you to purchase them at your own will, give you access to all, and thus complete our expert services. It, therefore, does not make you eligible to demand a refund from us.

No Refund is provided under any condition. It’s a Group Buy Tools sharing service, and the nature of the service is different from other services, it’s difficult to maintain uptime with these kinds of services, but we try our best to provide the highest uptime to our customers so that we can retain them. We know if our service quality is not good customers will not stay with us, we already know this, therefore, we try our best to provide maximum uptime, however, if sometimes tools go down, please let us know via support we will try our best to make it available for you.

Lifetime Deal: We are offering 30 days refund only on our lifetime deals. If you want to refund within 30 days, the refund will be given. but as long as you use the tools, the money will be deducted (Upto 750 TK) and the remaining money will be refunded.